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Postpartum Package

Service Fees: $4400

Nurturing Postpartum
Experience Package (Stand Alone)
If you choose or need to give birth in a
hospital setting and you still desire the
personalized postpartum support that
midwives offer, our stand-alone postpartum
package is designed to meet your needs.
This comprehensive package
encompasses : $4400
1 Prenatal Visit to establish Care
3 or more Postpartum home visits (depending on specific needs of client)
Midwives are on call 24/7 to support mom and baby until 6 weeks
Postpartum care for baby until 6 weeks
Postpartum care for mom until 8 weeks
8 week well-woman/person visit (including PAP if needed)
Comprehensive 3 month Well-being Visit to ensure you are emotionally and
physically thriving. This session also includes an organic herbal vaginal steam,
promoting healing, scar tissue softening, vaginal pH balancing, and potential pain
reduction during menstruation and sex
Take home postpartum care package Includes: an organic Tourmaline baby Onesie,
peri-bottle with organic postpartum herbs to encourage healing, and an organic
Tourmaline postpartum tincture aiding in cramp relief and healing

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