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Pregnancy Exercise

Growing your family is one of the most amazing experiences you will have. A Doula can help complete your support group that you have created, along with friends, family and community. We can assist and support with:

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Before labor

  • We provide comprehensive support to prepare you for the birthing experience:

  • Offering a listening ear and addressing any questions or concerns you may have

  • Sharing valuable nutritional information to support your health and well-being during pregnancy

  • Assisting in creating a personalized birth plan and postpartum planning

  • Supporting partners in finding their desired role during labor

  • Demonstrating various positions that can alleviate discomfort during labor

  • Recommending pressure points and massage techniques to ease discomfort throughout pregnancy and labor

During and After Labor

  • Providing assistance with non-medical comfort measures such as position changes, hot/cold therapy, massage, and breathing techniques

  • Advocating for your needs and preferences throughout the birthing process

  • Offering emotional support to you and your partner

  • Assisting with initiating breastfeeding and providing guidance as needed

  • Ensuring the birthing environment reflects your wishes and preferences

  • Serving as a friend, coach, or family member to fulfill your needs and create the birthing experience you desire

  • Conducting home visits after birth to offer breastfeeding support, discuss your birthing experience, and provide referrals for additional community support

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SERVICE COST  Varies depending on clients preference of services $2000-$3000

This service encompasses 3-4 prenatal visits, continuous attendance during labor through birth, approximately 2 hours of support after birth, and 2 postpartum visits.

(Please Note: We are flexible with the number of prenatal or postpartum visits. I believe everyone has unique needs, and if you feel you require additional support before or after the birth of your baby, please don't hesitate to inform me. My aim is to pArovide the support you need and be an integral part of your community or "Village".)

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