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Growing your family is one of the most amazing experiences you will have. A Doula can help complete your support group that you have created, along with friends, family and community. We can assist and support with:


Before labor

  • Being a listening ear, and helping you find answers to the many questions you may have
  • Sharing nutritional information
  • Creating a birth plan and postpartum planning

  • Partner support (helping to find the role they want to fill during labor)

  • Demonstrating different positions that can help reduce discomfort during labor

  • Suggesting  pressure points and massage that can help with discomfort during pregnancy and labor

During and After Labor

  • Assistance with non-medical comfort measures (position changes, hot/cold therapy, massage, breathing techniques

  • Patient advocacy

  • Emotional support 

  • Assisting with initiating breastfeeding

  • Keeping the birthing environment the way "YOU" want it (reminding the birth team of your wishes)

  • Being a friend, coach, or family. My goal is to assist with whatever you need to create the beautiful birthing experience you want.

  • Home visits after birth to assist with breastfeeding support, processing your birthing experience, providing referrals for community support

SERVICE COST  Varies $1200-$1800

This service includes 3-4 prenatal visits, attendance during labor thru birth, approx. 2 hours after birth, and 2 postpartum visits

(Please Note: I do not limit my prenatal or postpartum visits. I feel everyone is unique in their needs and if you feel you need more support before or after the birth of your baby, please let me know. My goal is to help be there for you and be a part of your community or your "Village".)

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