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 Monatrice Services

 As a Monatrice team we seek to help families create a safe and loving environment where labor can unfold naturally for the birthing mother.  Our training, experience and passion for birth creates a personalized birth experience that suits your individual wants and needs. We understand that every woman has a different idea of what feels safe and normal. Although our birth teams attend and support many women while delivering in a birth center, or homebirth environment, they understand there is a gap between the hospital birth experience and home birth/birth center experience that needs to be lovingly filled. Many women want the support of a labor doula, and want to stay at home as long as possible, but have doubts about how long it is safe to stay home.

This service helps ease the minds of these mothers and offers safe supportive monitoring of both 

mother and baby during labor, until it is time to go to the hospital for delivery. 

Because we meet with you prenatally to review your medical history and prenatal records, we are 

aware of what is safe for you and what is not. You have the benefit of an experienced licensed midwife, 

who can answer questions, make recommendations, and monitor you and baby as you labor in the 

comfort of your own home.  You also have a labor doula that can help you as you move through the 

different stages of labor, supporting you emotionally and physically. 

This helps create peace of mind for the laboring woman, allowing her to focus on coping skills, instead 

of worrying if baby is okay, if this is “normal”, and when it is time to go to the hospital. Many 

interventions in the hospital take place because women are admitted earlier than necessary. This can 

interrupt and sometimes even stop, the sensitive labor pattern that was established while in the  

home environment. The team can help answer any questions you might have regarding laboring in 

the hospital, the risks and benefits of hospital interventions, what is truly normal and what is not, and 

provide you with evidence based research to help you make educated decisions about what is best for 

you and your baby. Knowing your rights as a patient and a mother are very important. This can help 

you avoid being pushed into interventions that you truly did not understand the risks and benefits of. 

As your monatrice and doula, our birth team is working for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

Service cost: varies $2700-$3000

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