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Nurturing Tier

This tier includes:

  • Four comprehensive 90-minute (in place of 60 min) virtual visits per month

  • Assistance available for both you and your partner, ensuring active participation and informed decision-making throughout the journey. Address any remaining questions or concerns you may have from your obstetrician appointments, ensuring all aspects of your care are thoroughly addressed and understood.

  • Access to our extensive referral network provides connections to doulas, childbirth education specialists, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and psychotherapists, all specializing in women's and maternal health.

  • Herbal recommendations tailored to your needs, promoting a low-risk pregnancy and enhancing your chances of positive birth outcomes.

  • Emails with your midwife with any questions or non-emergency concerns. Rest assured, your midwife will respond within a 24-hour period, providing nurturing support and guidance whenever you need it.

  • Herbal peri-herbs: A natural herbal blend crafted to promote healing, soothe discomfort, alleviate swelling, and lower the risk of infection. Each kit includes organic herbal remedies and a peri bottle along with instructions for preparing the herbal solution

  • More extended and in-depth consultations for those who may desire or require additional support or have specific concerns.

  • Tailored Birth Plan crafted through comprehensive sessions to pinpoint your birth preferences, with expert guidance from your midwife to ensure the optimal plan for you and your partner

  • Two midwifery home visits where the midwife assesses your and your baby's vitals, provides guidance on breastfeeding positions, addresses any breastfeeding concerns, and reviews your birth and postpartum needs to ensure your well-being and promote bonding between you and your baby. The midwife also supports your emotional and physical health to ensure you thrive during the postpartum period.

Your investment: $1680 monthly

Please Note : These tier need to be used in a 4 week period. Itcan be used prenatally, postpartum or both. You will receive a 15% discount if you buy a 2+ month package.

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