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Discover the Face Behind the Passion

I am deeply passionate about the value of family and community.

My greatest inspiration in life comes from my four children.

Throughout my career, my primary goals have been to educate, support, and provide for the needs of my clients.

My love for music, integrative health approaches, and a personal experience during my first child's long-term hospitalization led me to establish Healing Notes in 2001, which became San Diego's first (501C3) certified music therapy program for hospitalized children. In 2019, I founded Thrive Wellness Collective, a non-profit organization aimed at subsidizing the cost of midwifery care and providing women's health, maternal health, and maternal mental health services, as well as doula services. My vision is to ensure that all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can access these life-changing and life-saving services.

Motivated by the high number of children hospitalized each year, I returned to school to learn how I could educate new parents about the importance of prenatal care. I became a D.O.N.A trained Doula while pursuing my studies in midwifery, and I recently completed my final year at Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery. Now licensed by the medical board as a midwife, I have over 11 years of experience attending births.

My journey has evolved from focusing on aiding in the healing process to advocating for preventive care and emphasizing the importance of strong community support before, during, and after pregnancy.

I firmly believe that our birth experiences profoundly influence our emotional and physical well-being.


As your family grows and transitions, we're here to offer ongoing resources and support, helping you find your community and support system that aligns with your culture and needs.

Welcome to our family!

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